2014 Drives

Planning for Quattro de Mayo 2014 is well under way! We're planning an exciting mix of destination, scenic and spirited drives.


Afternoon Drive: Blue Ridge Parkway to Pisgah Inn for Dinner


Destination Drive: Gatlinburg and Beyond: Lunch on the Lake
Moderate Drive: Waterfalls Drive
Moderate-to-Spirited Drive: Late Riser's Drive
Spirited Drive: Tail of the Dragon (2 groups)


Destination Drive: Explore Highlands
Moderate-to-Spirited Drive: Western North Carolina Drive
Spirited Drive: "SkyWayah" - Cherohala Skyway and Wayah Road
Spirited Drive: Tail of the Dragon


All drives will assemble and stage in one of three staging areas.

2014 Drives


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